The Episcopal Church Welcomes You–Not!

The Episcopal Church was known for decades as “the Republican Party at prayer,” but as the late Paul Seabury, a descendant of Bishop Seabury, the first Episcopal bishop in the U.S. after the Revolution, memorably put it in his famous 1978 Harper’s magazine article, “Trendier than Thou,” it would be better known today as the Marxist party at prayer—if there were any clerical Marxists left. Instead today we get the relentless tide of multicultural political correctness from the Episcopal Church, exemplified by this poster making the rounds:

I could go on, but why bother. Retired Episcopal priest J. Michael Povey provides the necessary fisking if you’re curious. For years I used to say that the Episcopal Church would have to kick me out, but the relentlessness of its mediocre political correctness (at least left-wing Catholics are able to offer some rigorous arguments) made it impossible to remain. And the church’s leadership seems oblivious to asking themselves why their membership continues to plummet while those icky “fundamentalist” churches are growing steadily.

. . . unless you actually believe in orthodox Christianity.

If there were truth in advertising for religious banners, the Episcopal Church’s commonplace signs would be required to say: “The Episcopal Church welcomes you—unless you’re a fundamentalist or other unsophisticated mope.”


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