The Liberal Mind at Work, and a CPAC Note

Quietly the goo-goo (short for the oxymoronic “good-government”) types have advanced a bill to the U.S. Senate floor that would require the Supreme Court to televise oral arguments.  Now, I’d love to watch oral arguments too without having to camp out on the sidewalk for days before a big case to get one of the few available seats, but this ought to be a question for the judicial branch to decide for itself—Congress has no business effacing the separation of powers to try to compel the Court to submit.  If it passes I hope the Court tells Congress to go stuff it.  A friend asks, “What will Congress or the White House do then?  Take the case to The Hague?”  I hope so; it will be fun to watch Justice Ginsberg’s head explode when the “international community” sides with Congress against the Court.

But in the story about the bill appears this quote from Sen. Patrick Leahy, one  of the Senate’s leading liberals, that is worthy of The Onion:

“Four days ago more than 111 million Americans watched the Super Bowl,” Leahy said. “No one would have tolerated that game being recorded and broadcast days later or its plays being transcribed and released at the end of the week.”

Because, you know, the Super Bowl is just like the Supreme Court.  As Glenn Reynolds likes to say, the country is in the very best of hands.

Meanwhile, for any and all of you who may be attending CPAC the next couple of days, I’ll be speaking on a panel about Ronaldus Magnus on Saturday at 11:45 am, but I’ll also be showing up tomorrow with my video gear to catch some interviews and hopefully some rowdy Occupier behavior.


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