Uncommon Knowledge with Newt Gingrich

Our friends at Uncommon Knowledge recorded a special edition with Newt Gingrich this week. Because of the timely nature of the interview, they requested that we make it available as soon as possible. Just one problem: they forgot to include me in their message, so we’re a tad late getting to the video. They introduce this special edition of the show as follows:

The 58th Speaker of the House and 2012 GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich makes the case for his candidacy, explains why he’s not a Washington insider, and describes his vision for his first term: gaining energy independence, ending the war on religion, balancing the budget, and repealing and replacing ObamaCare and why he is temperamentally suited for the highest office.

Let’s make up for lost time. Please check it out. Commenters, take it away.