A refuge under siege

Nicky Larkin is an Irish filmmaker who was until recently a member of the hate-Israel left — and Ireland is a land where that hatred runs deep. Having been outraged by Israel’s 2008 operation in Gaza, Larkin applied for a grant to make a film exposing the ruthlessness of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. The Irish Arts Council obliged, and Larkin went off to Israel and the West Bank to make his film. What he saw, however, persuaded him that he had Israel wrong.

How often does a young man holding deep politically related convictions change them upon taking a close look at the evidence with his own eyes? Not often. Larkin tells the story in his Independent column “Israel is a refuge, but a refuge under siege.” It’s a terrific (and brave) column.

Larkin’s film is titled Forty Shades of Grey. The trailer is below.

Via Israel Matzav.

UPDATE: I think I have the video fixed.


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