Adventures in Ad Law, cont’d

Attorney Mark Leach writes from Louisville in response to “Adventures in Ad Law, cont’d”:

While the focus on the HHS mandate under Obamacare has focused on “free” birth control, that same regulation also requires insurance companies to provide as of August 1, 2012, no-cost prenatal testing for genetic and developmental conditiosn. As I’ve written in the column linked below, and further at the link to Hugh’s blog and the Washington Examiner (both also linked below), the same regulation insitutes a modern day version of eugenics that targets Down syndrome for “prevention” through abortion. I hope you will give some attention to this. Considering the advances to be made in genetics, this is truly a situation of “first they came for Down syndrome” but next will be whatever genetic condition deemed one to be “prevented.”

The links to Leach’s columns are here, here, and here. O brave new world!