Any Day When You Fire 200 Rounds Is A Good Day

I wrote here about my first experience firing a handgun–last October!–and here about buying my first gun, a Sig Sauer Mosquito Sport. And I wrote here about shooting on a Friday evening with my oldest daughter at the local Gander Mountain.

I’m not sure what it is about firing handguns at targets that is so satisfying, but I have found that I really enjoy it. I have only owned my gun for 2 1/2 months, but we have put more than 2,000 rounds through it already. One nice thing about shooting a .22 is that the ammunition is cheap; $6.50 for 100 high-velocity .22LR bullets. Today my son and I joined Ed Morrissey and Mitch Berg at the Lakeville Gander Mountain. My son and I shot my Sig Mosquito; Ed shot both of his two guns; and Mitch shot a Kal-Tec and his brand-new Sig 250. Mitch is taking his concealed carry qualification test tomorrow. My son and I shot pretty well; he took this photo when we were finishing up and I was putting the gun away. You can see the bullet holes in the targets. You send the targets out and bring them back (as in the photo) with a computer-controlled key pad.

The Gander Mountain live-fire range is a great amenity. You can reserve and pay for lanes online, and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. It is a family-friendly environment, and I highly recommend it. There is a certain analogy between blogging and shooting. Just as having a web site has heightened my appreciation of the First Amendment, owning a gun has heightened my appreciation of the Second.


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