Chuckles the Clown Tries to Distract the Audience

Chuckles is Chuck Schumer; the audience is America’s voters. The Democrats can’t run on their record; they can’t even talk about it. So they have only one desperate strategy: try to change the subject. Politico is a Democrat-leaning publication, but it nevertheless documents the extraordinary cynicism of Chuck Schumer’s Democratic Party:

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer believes he has found a political weapon in the unlikeliest of places: the Violence Against Women Act.

Republicans have several objections to the legislation, but instead of making changes, Schumer wants to fast track the bill to the floor, let the GOP block it, then allow Democrats to accuse Republicans of waging a “war against women.”

It’s fodder for a campaign ad, and it’s not the only potential 30-second spot ready to spring from Senate leadership these days.

From his perch as the Democrats’ chief policy and messaging guru, Schumer wants to raise taxes on people who earn more than $1 million, and many Democrats want to push the vote for April 15, a move designed to amp up the “income inequality” rhetoric just in time for Tax Day.

Schumer has a plan for painting Republicans as anti-immigrant as well. …

None of these campaign-style attacks allow for the policy nuances or reasoning behind the GOP’s opposition, and some of the bills stand no chance of becoming law.

But that’s not really the point.

That’s right: the point is to distract voters with a continuous smear campaign based on falsehoods that the Democrats count on the press not to point out. I wrote here and here about the outright fraud that Chuckles and his Democrat partners in crime are trying to perpetrate with regard to the Violence Against Women Act. Suffice it to say that the disagreements between Democrats and Republicans have nothing to do with violence against women, and everything to do with the Democrats’ use of every single federal program to perpetrate waste, fraud and cronyism.


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