Clearing my spindle

I am still unable to add Picks to our panel above. Here is what I have been looking at around the Web.

Andrew Ferguson takes a look at the proposed Frank Gehry design of the Eisenhower Memorial in the Weekly Standard editorial opposing it. The closer you look, the uglier it gets.

I thought that President Obama deserved credit for events leading to GM’s temporary suspension of production of that revolting Volt. Jim Treacher agrees: “Obama deliver kiss of death to the Chevy Volt.”

The New York Post calls CAIR, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU have joined up to form a pro-terror tag team. The Post’s editorial serves as a corrective to the AP campaign against the New York Police Department.

If Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee, I’m afraid we’ll be hearing a little more about a USA Today editorial in which he promoted an individual mandate at the national level. Say it ain’t so, Mitt.

On the other hand, David Paul Kuhn makes the case that Romney can beat Obama. Well, okay. Then we’ll count on a Nixon goes to China strategy for the repeal of Obamacare.

It’s frequently been noted, but this Haaretz article is still worth reading: “Palestinian still television glorifies terror attacks against Israel.”

It must be an election year; President Obama is holding himself out as a friend of Israel. Michael Goodwin understands.

But wait! There is more. Josh Rogin notes that the Emergency Committee for Israel has put together a 30-minute video to set the record straight. Please check it out.


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