Go Away, Or I Will Taunt You A Second Time!

Today’s comedy segment comes courtesy of the madcaps at the European Union. Picking on the Europeans has become cliché, especially when they hand you such lame material, like the EU-produced video below that is supposed to convey . . . what, exactly?  Moviegoers may think it a slightly wacky homage to Tarantino’s Kill Bill, showing that Europeans are so much more civilized because they’d sit down and charm their opponents rather than slice them up.

But the real punch line is that the European Union has withdrawn the video because it is—wait for it—racist!  As Denis Boyles comments over on NRO’s Corner, “And for all we know, this isn’t a propaganda film so much as a security breach: It clearly reveals the E.U.’s defense strategy, which is based on stern disapproval.”


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