One less thing for Romney to worry about

Mitt Romney may be on track for the GOP nomination at the end of a road that is longer than anticipated. After last night’s showing, I think he should probably have a few more worries about his strength as a national GOP candidate. I certainly do. However, our old colleague Paul Mirengoff writes that Romney can take one worry off his plate:

I’m baffled by pundits who believe (or at least say) that Rick Santorum’s strong showings in the Midwest portend danger for Mitt Romney in November, should Romney be the nominee. Santorum’s strength in the midwest is founded on his popularity in rural counties. Does anyone honestly believe that Romney would struggle for these votes against Barack Obama? Not if they’ve given the matter serious thought.

A strong showing by Santorum among true swing voters (not Democrats out to hurt Romney) might be cause for concern in the Romney camp because Obama can compete for the swing vote. A strong showing by Ron Paul in rural counties might also be cause for concern because Paul voters can’t be counted on to support a Republican in the general election.

But suggestions that Santorum’s strength in the rural midwest augurs badly for Romney when it comes to defeating Obama should not keep the former Governor awake at night. There are things that probably should. This is not one of them.

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