Republican Frat Brothers Reignite Dems’ “War on Women” Theme

Just when it seemed that the Democrats’ “War On Women” theme had petered out, a group of college Republicans at Duke poured gasoline on the flames by posing for an outrageous photograph with a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton. One of the Republicans pretended to kiss the cutout while holding a beer to “Hillary’s” mouth while another, in an even more offensive gesture, cupped the cutout’s right breast. Republican leaders quickly sought to distance themselves from this latest bombshell, while Democrats saw the photo as more evidence that sexism is deeply entrenched in the Republican Party.

“This confirms what we’ve always suspected,” said Nancy Pelosi. “Republicans are sexist to the core. Where do you think these Republican frat brothers got their misogynistic ideas? From the leaders of their party, that’s where!”

Harry Reid was equally vehement: “These young Republicans are obviously part of Rush Limbaugh’s radio audience. They may be the ones with their hands on Hillary’s cleavage, but Limbaugh put the idea into their heads!”

Barack Obama agreed, saying…

No, wait. Sorry. Those aren’t Republican frat brothers, they are Obama staffers. The one with his hand on Hillary’s breast is Jon Favreau, Barack Obama’s head speechwriter, who currently earns $172,000 a year as your employee. The photo appeared on Facebook shortly after the 2008 election and Favreau sent an apology to Mrs. Clinton, who by then was slated to be Secretary of State. She apparently found the photo amusing and, according to Wikipedia, responded: “Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application.” Time magazine has named Favreau one of the 100 most influential people in the world; he has also been honored as one of the World’s Most Beautiful People by People magazine.

Wow, this women business is tricky. You don’t want to jump to any conclusions about whether you are witnessing a war or just good, clean fun until you check out the party registration.

Via InstaPundit.


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