Those Fearful Republicans

It is an article of faith among liberals that conservatives are frightened people. I have never understood this, as it seems obvious that the opposite is true. Conservatives are happy to compete and stand on their own two feet, while liberals want lifelong security, courtesy of the government. So who’s chicken? It’s not exactly a close call.

Nevertheless, the liberal meme lives on. Thus, earlier today an anonymous headline writer for the Associated Press, which aspires to a higher place in the left-wing galaxy, came up with this one: Santorum pushes social agenda, stokes GOP fear. Hey, stoking fear is what conservatives do, isn’t it?

For what it’s worth, the brief accompanying article completely fails to support the partisan headline. Here it is, in its less than coherent entirety:

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum says local neighborhoods “where there are no dads” have no freedom.

He tells voters in the Cincinnati area that those neighborhoods aren’t safe and scare away businesses and churches.

Santorum is promising to improve the nation’s economy but says that reducing single-parent families may be more important. He says the nation must reduce the number of children born out of wedlock and restore “traditional family values,” or any economic recovery will be temporary.

Santorum doesn’t say what he’ll do as president to address the issues. But he’s calling for a national conversation about how to bring families together.

Some supporters at Saturday’s rally in Blue Ash, Ohio, say the focus on social issues may be troublesome in a general election matchup against President Barack Obama.

Thus do liberal themes float through the culture, untethered to any reality.


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