Today on Power Line TV: A Few Minutes With Larry Arnn

Hillsdale College president Larry Arnn delivered a lecture on the Hillsdale cruise last week about Churchill’s lessons for our present moment, which echoed many of Bing West’s reservations about our military strategy in the Middle East aired here the other day.  Like West, Arnn is deeply skeptical about our present course.  This excerpt is about six minutes long, but one highlight is this:

“We’re going to spend a trillion dollars and five years and divide the national politics, in ways that are being disastrous for our country, in order to build a free country in Iraq, we say.  And the first mark against it if you understand anything about this problem that war can become all-consuming in the modern world is that the art of the soldier is to put a limit on the cost.  And he must do that by contributing his imagination.”


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