A basketball for the ages

One of President Obama’s most prominent and least attractive qualities is his vanity. It almost disposes of the speculation that Obama is a Muslim. The man can’t be a Muslim; he worships himself.

In the title of the November 2010 Weekly Standard cover story, Jonathan Last called Obama “The American Narcissus” and, as Last demonstrated, Obama has earned the title. The evidence compiled by Last was voluminous, if not overwhelming.

Keith Koffler’s glimpse of the White House Easter festivities provides another small example. As part of its annual Easter egg roll event, the White House conducted a basketball clinic for kids featuring pro players. ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper tweeted the photo of the ball used by the participants (above).

As I interpret the gospel according to Barack, the man is both herald and messiah. He is, however, a false messiah. Put not your faith in politicians. Consider, for example, this poignant parable of a failed administration. “They do not labor or spin,” indeed.

It may be worth noting that in the classic version of the myth to which the title of Last’s article refers, Nemesis is the key to the story.

Via Instapundit, I think.

UPDATE: Jake Tapper updated his Tweet to note that the basketball was brought by the participants in the event to the White House. Let me just add that it was the perfect gift. It showed deep understanding of the recipient and what he would appreciate.