A wake-up call in Florida

Although Florida remains a swing state, Republicans have, at a minimum, become the “first among equals” in the Sunshine State in recent years. For this reason, and because they seemed to have found a solid candidate in Connie Mack, hopes are fairly high that Republicans will capture the Senate seat held by Democrat Bill Nelson this fall.

However, a new Rasmussen poll should temper such optimism. According to that poll, Nelson leads Mack by 47-36. Nelson leads other Republican hopefuls George LeMieux and Mike McCalister by even wider margins, 14 points and 19 points respectively.

It’s far too early to panic. As recently as March, Mack led Nelson by a count of 43-36. There may well be more twists and turns to come.

But the results do seem to confirm the criticism that Mack has run a lackluster campaign. Perhaps they will serve as a wake-up call.


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