Dept. of Complaints

We get an amazing — amazing to me, anyway — number and variety of complaints from readers. They range from the the font size of comments (too small) to the occasional Obama ads (we shouldn’t allow them). We try to respond, usually through the intervention of our publisher, Joe Malchow, when the complaint is reasonable and we are able to do something about it. Joe manages to take care of our readers in between classes at Stanford Law School.

Incidentally, I deem the complaint about Obama ads unreasonable. C’mon, people, the Obama campaign is wasting money on Power Line readers. Don’t worry, be happy. Click on that ad!

Another complaint comes from a few readers who prefer our old blog format. Readers can choose their preferred format via the icon in the upper right corner of the top post on our home page. Our software used to remember your preference and automatically serve it up. It was a thing of beauty and a joy while it lasted, but it was defeated in a software meltdown (my term, not Joe’s) a while back. The bad news is that that we are unable to restore the functionality of that set-up.

Now the good news. Readers who prefer the old format can reach it via this URL: Simply store it as a favorite if you prefer the old format and wish to reach it without whatever inconvenience is involved in switching to it.

You may have figured that out already for yourself, and that may be too easy a problem to deal with in this department, but we want to get off on the right foot.


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