Do You Want to Save Medicare?

I don’t, actually. I think Medicare was Congress’s great blunder of the 20th century. I think the program will continue bleeding money until it bankrupts the United States of America and destroys our economy, in roughly 15 years. And it will be popular right up to the end, as long as people perceive that they are getting something for nothing, or–same thing–a lot for very little. So in my view, Medicare should be phased out and replaced by a system where everyone can save for his or her old-age medical expenses in tax-deferred accounts. Which, of course, we already have.

But if you do want to save Medicare, there is only one proposal on the floor to do so. It is the Ryan budget that was adopted by the House of Representatives. As things now stand, it is either the Ryan plan or no more Medicare. As usual, Michael Ramirez makes the point with panache: