Identification: It’s Good For Everything Except Voting

PJTV’s Scott Ott carries out an entertaining undercover investigation: he goes to the offices of several groups that denounce voter identification laws as unconstitutional suppression of minority votes, etc., and tries to get in to see someone. Sure enough: they all require identification, including the Department of Justice, which has sued to invalidate voter identification laws. You have a constitutional right to petition for redress of grievances, but if you want to see Eric Holder or anyone else at the the Department of Justice to explain your grievance, you need a photo ID.

As we noted here, perhaps the ultimate instance of this hypocrisy was when Eric Holder went to the LBJ Library in Texas to rail against that state’s voter ID law, which DOJ sued to invalidate shortly thereafter. Sure enough: you couldn’t get in to see Holder denounce identification requirements as racist unless you had a photo ID.

So check out Ott’s video; you’ll enjoy it.