My Idea of a Good Draft Choice

It’s been a long time since I got very interested in an NFL draft, which some fans regard as the most exciting event on the sports calendar. When the home team goes 3-13, the amount of attention you pay to football, including but not limited to the draft, tends to decline drastically.

So I was one of the last to know that the Miami Dolphins drafted Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill eighth overall. More to the point, I had no idea that Miami fans are excited about the team’s choice in large part because of Tannehill’s wife Lauren, who has become a Twitter phenomenon. Here she is in a much-tweeted picture, responding to the news that her husband had been selected by the Dolphins:

The Daily Mail, which for reasons I still haven’t figured out covers mostly U.S. news, has a lot more info. The Tannehills tweeted this wedding photo:

But, hey: cute girls are a dime a dozen. This was the picture, courtesy of the Daily Mail, that impressed me:

Now, if you saw a similar photo of another pro football player and his wife your first thought might be that nearby gas stations are likely to be robbed. But Mrs. Tannehill is an enthusiastic Christian, so this is not a case where the family that shoots together, loots together.

There is, of course, no excuse for any of this, except the need to fill the long interregnum before the next meaningful beauty pageant, which will be the Miss World competition in August, from Inner Mongolia. Seriously.


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