On the outside looking in

A local reader files this report on a couple of major Minnesota institutions, the Star Tribune and the Guthrie Theater:

I went to see “Time Stands Still” at the Guthrie last night. It was actually a fairly balanced play politically, given the subject matter covered. I’d almost recommend it.

Prior to the play, I attended the opening night dinner. A number of speakers talked about how wonderful these plays are and how much they mean to all of us. Turns out that one of the sponsors of the play is the Star Tribune, so the chairman gave a speech – though I didn’t catch his name [our correspondent believes it was Michael Sweeeney, who is also a trustee of the Guthrie]. During his little talk he told a joke (paraphrasing):

“What does the star Tribune have in common with the Theater? Our conservative friends would say that we both create facts and narratives out of nothing, and then present them in a fictional story which only exists in our imaginations. Is that it?”

Everyone laughed — even me a little. I thought the revealing part of the joke was the reference to “our friends on the right.” That is, conservatives are other people who do not exist inside the Star Tribune. They only exist on the outside. Which is where they belong.

If reading it on a daily basis isn’t enough, it’s always nice to have another reminder that the trip through bankruptcy hasn’t changed the Star Tribune too much. The slight note of self-deprecation among presumed friends adds a small twist, but otherwise it’s same as it ever was.


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