Philip Was No Dick About Blade Runner

Can it really be 30 years since Blade Runner?  Since the original anyway–there have been so many different “director’s cuts” now that I’ve lost track of the thing.  I remember being, as the cliche goes, “blown away” by it when seeing it in the theater on opening night, and being not quite sure what to make of it.

It is standard operating procedure for most writers to disdain the film treatments of their books, so it came as an interesting surprise to see the letter below from Philip Dick, author of the story on which the film was based “(Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”) approving wholeheartedly of the film adaptation.

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Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.

P.S. Through one of my oldest friends–can I tell this story, Rich?– I met the person who got the Oscar for best special effects that year, but for a different film, who said privately that he didn’t deserve it–Blade Runner deserved it.


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