Poll shows Mourdock leading in Indiana

Sen. Richard Lugar trails conservative challenger Richard Mourdock by a margin of five points – 44 to 39 – according to a new poll by Wenzel Strategies. The poll was conducted for Citizens United, a group that supports Mourdock.

According to the poll, self-described Tea Party conservatives back Mourdock by 63 to 24. This cohort represents 36 of those polled. Lugar leads among those in the remainder of the sample. Nearly 17 percent remain undecided with less than two weeks to go until the primary.

With this many undecided voters, and with the candidates running close (the margin of error in the Wetzel poll is 5 percentage points), this race seems too close to call. But this poll suggests that Mourdock has the edge.

Personally, I favor Mourdock, a seemingly able man and the more conservative candidate by a considerable margin. Although the Democrats say they would prefer to run against Mourdock, probably with good reason, Indiana is sufficiently conservative, I believe, to elect him.


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