Return of the Deacon

I am delighted to announce that Paul Mirengoff is returning to Power Line. For those who may have begun reading our site only recently, Paul was one of the founders of Power Line, joining the site in the summer of 2002. Like Scott and me, Paul is a Dartmouth alum; one of my college roommates, in fact. Around a year ago, Paul took a leave of absence to focus exclusively on his law practice. Now, we are happy to report, he is back! Watch for his first posts imminently.

As you may recall, when Paul went on leave Scott and I decided to fill the gap with a guest blogger program. One of our first guest bloggers was Steve Hayward. We hit it off so well with Steve that we canceled the guest program and asked Steve to join us permanently. So with Paul’s return, the site will have four contributors, which means more content, and better content, than ever. All’s well that ends well. Welcome back, Deacon!


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