The Campaign for Primary Accountability

In a post about the defeat of moderate Pennsylvania Democrat Tim Holden by a liberal challenger, I stated that the challenger, Mark Cartwright, was supported by “lefty groups such as the Campaign for Primary Accountability.” I’ve been reliably informed that the Campaign for Primary Accountability (CAP) is not leftist and my research (which I should have peformed before posting) confirms this.

The main folks behind CAP are conservative rather than liberal. CAP spends money in both Democratic and Republican primaries. According to its spokesperson, CAP gets involved in primary races that involve an “entrenched challenger” in a “one-party district,” where the group’s polling shows that “people are unhappy with the current representative.”

In the case of Holden, this policy caused it to oppose a moderate Dem trying to hold off a liberal challenger, who was indeed supported by left-wing groups. However, this was not because CAP is leftist.


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