This Sunday’s Churchill Installment: Titanic Edition

Since everyone is focused yesterday and today on the centennial of the Titanic disaster, I might as well offer up Churchill’s reflections on the matter, put in a letter to his wife three days later.  (WSC was First Lord of the Admiralty at the time.)

The Titanic disaster is the prevailing theme here.  The story is a good one.  The strict observance of the great traditions of the sea towards women & children reflects nothing but honour upon our civilization.  Even I hope it may mollify some of the unmarried lady teachers who are so bitter in their sex antagonism, and think men so base and vile.  They are rather snuffy about Bruce Ismay—Chairman of the line—who, it is thought—on the facts available—should have gone down with the ship and her crew.  I cannot help feeling proud of our race and its traditions as proved by this event.  Boat loads of women and children tossing on the sea—safe & sound—and the rest—Silence.  Honour to their memory.


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