Which Party Cares About Your Children’s Future?

That is actually an easy question to answer. The Obama administration has heaped trillions of dollars in new debt on the heads of your children, and mine. That debt will be repaid with interest, at rates far higher than those that are now artificially maintained by the Fed. The $15 trillion that our children now owe, and the many trillions more that President Obama and the Democrats will add if they get their way, will impoverish the next generation.

Many Republicans, led by Paul Ryan in the House and Jeff Sessions in the Senate, have tried to do something about this crushing debt burden, but the Democrats have blocked them at every step. For three years, the federal government has not even had a budget–in violation of federal law–because the Democratic Senate refuses to vote on one. How can we get a grip on our nation’s fiscal crisis when the Democrats in Congress refuse even to allow a vote on a budget? It is obviously impossible to do so.

We wrote here about the fact that Senate Budget Committee chairman Kent Conrad, who is retiring at the end of the year, felt pangs of conscience and agreed, after a three-year blockade, to allow his committee to produce a budget resolution. Then, just hours before the markup was to begin, Harry Reid put his foot down and ordered Conrad to put a halt to the budget process. Conrad presented his budget today, but no amendments were allowed and no vote was taken, or will be taken. The committee meeting was a charade.

Still, if you want to know which party cares about your children’s future, this picture, taken during today’s meeting of the Senate Budget Committee, says it all. You can see Jeff Sessions and Kent Conrad at the head of the table. On the far side of the table are the Republican members of the committee. They are all there, ready, willing and eager to talk about the budget. The Democratic members of the committee would be seated on the near side of the table–only, as you can see, they aren’t there. They didn’t care enough about our country’s future to show up:

Or maybe they just didn’t want to be associated with Conrad’s budget, which is possibly even worse than the Obama budgets that haven’t gotten a single vote in the Senate or the House in the last two years. Not that it matters–Harry Reid won’t allow the Senate to vote on Conrad’s budget anyway. The Democrats care only for ignorant demagoguery, and have no interest in solving our country’s–that is to say, your children’s–fiscal problems.


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