Why Won’t Senate Democrats Adopt a Budget? (Cont’d)

The United States has now gone almost three years without a budget, because Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats refuse to propose or adopt one. President Obama’s proposed budgets have failed to gain a single vote in support: his FY 2012 budget was voted down in the Senate last year, 97-0, and his FY 2013 budget was voted down in the House this year, 414-0. The Democrats love to castigate the House Republican budget; fine. But why won’t they propose, and pass, their own?

The only answer to that question is that Senate Democrats don’t dare put on paper what they actually plan to do over the coming years–spend the nation into bankruptcy–and vote for it. Last night on the Bret Baier show, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was unable to give a straight answer to a simple question: why won’t the Democratic Party follow the law and adopt a budget, as is required by the 1974 Budget Act?

We are long past the point where the Democratic Party can be taken seriously.