William Niskanen, A Life Well Lived

Back in October I noted here the passing of William Niskanen, the distinguished economist and long time chairman of the Cato Institute.  (It was his passing that touched off the current fight between the Kochs and Cato’s president, Ed Crane.)

Now, Cato is out with the following 12 minute video tribute to Bill.  (Hat tip to Cato’s Caleb Brown.)  I turn up very briefly at about the 9 minute mark, but it includes much more eminent people testifying to Bill’s rectitude, including Paul Volcker, Larry Summers, and James Miller.  Worth a watch if you have the time to spare.  Especially interesting today, I think, is recalling Niskanen’s firing from Ford, because he wouldn’t go along with its statism.  A preview of today’s bailed out auto industry.

[It seems the same gremlins that are affecting punctuation on the site right now have also somehow eaten up the embedded video.  Our crack technical department is working on it.  For the time being, here’s a direct link.]  [Wait!  Now it’s back!  But I’ll leave the auxiliary link here just in case.]