A statement from Susan Vass

Our friend Susan Vass has released a statement:

For immediate release…Susan Vass, Former Person of Pallor, having remembered that her sister has naturally curly hair and that she and her brother both have an excellent sense of rhythm, is pleased to announce her application to become the second Womyn of Color at Harvard Law.

“My color is Fish-Belly White,” explained Mrs. Vass, “but my family lore has always included the belief that we have some African blood. Way back on my great-great-great-grandma Mee-Maw’s side. Mee-Maw’s great-grandparents were from Mississippi. Or Minnesota. One of the ‘M’ states. And she was darker than the rest of the relatives. Almost beige, actually. At least in the summer.”

She added, “A few years ago, I went ahead and volunteered some old traditional African family recipes to the Mau Mau Cookbook: Lobster Newburgh on Toast Points and Duckling L’Orange with Cherries Jubilee. Sure, they are similar to ones found in Julia Child’s cookbook, okay, EXACTLY the same, but that good old family lore said Mee-Maw’s great-grandma loved them.”

Mrs. Vass continued, “I’m hoping to get invited to lunch. Not just by other Africans like me. Pretty much by anybody.”