An Evening with Charles Krauthammer

Last night, the Center of the American Experiment held its Annual Dinner at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis. For, I believe, the seventh year in a row, I was privileged to be the master of ceremonies for the event. It’s a great role–the less you do, the better people like it. Our keynote speaker this year was Dr. Charles Krauthammer. He was insightful as always, analyzing the Obama administration as a drama in three acts. We are currently in the middle of the third act, and will see how the play ends in November. Before the main event, a small group of us got together with Krauthammer and talked about foreign policy. His assessment of the Obama administration’s efforts in that arena is not positive.

The event drew a capacity crowd of 1,200. Here is a photo of Dr. Krauthammer delivering his keynote speech:

This is one small portion of the crowd:

Scott was there, with his traditional Big Trunk Subcaucus table, as were many other friends. If you live near enough the Twin Cities to make it to events here, you should consider joining the Center, which you can do if you follow the link above. Within the last year the Center has merged with the Minnesota Free Market Institute and is now bigger and more effective than ever. So, for many reasons, it was a fun evening.


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