Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Wins Big in North Carolina

The anti-gay marriage amendment is winning in North Carolina, currently by a margin of 60/40. That may be a bit misleading, as I don’t believe Charlotte has reported yet, but there is no question the amendment will win easily. This is a valuable reminder that, even though pro-gay marriage sentiment has gained in the last few years and may even now represent a plurality of voters, the issue is a loser for Democrats in swing states. Barack Obama opposed the North Carolina measure, but that evidently carried little weight.

This helps to explain the bizarre dance that Obama is doing around the issue, announcing that he opposes gay marriage for the moment, but his views are “evolving,” so check back with him after the election. Obama’s pronouncements have been so incoherent and so blatantly political that the White House press corps has taken to laughing at spokesman Jay Carney when he twists himself into a pretzel trying to explain Obama’s position.

The social issues have never been my focus, but I think gay marriage represents bad public policy and would vote against it. I will have that opportunity in November, since a provision more or less similar to North Carolina’s will be on the ballot in Minnesota. Here, the issue is no longer a winner for conservatives and the amendment may well fall short. Still, even in Minnesota, for better or worse, the social issues are alive and well.