Can a Liberal Be a Good Person?

When you see the insanity that reigns on the left day after day, it is easy to conclude that it is impossible for any good person to be a liberal. But that would be a mistake. Experience tells us that there are nice people on the left; I have many friends and relatives who don’t know much about politics, economics or foreign policy and have succumbed to liberalism. Still, they are good people; just ill-informed.

But no matter how understanding you try to be of liberals, it is hard to regard them as anything like equals. They are simply too crazed. To take just one example, when the gay marriage amendment passed yesterday in North Carolina, the liberals were out in force, denouncing the overwhelming majority of citizens who voted against gay marriage. Which makes you wonder why we hold a vote at all, if the establishment already has its mind made up.

The liberals’ comments included the following, as preserved on Twitchy:


Well done North Carolina, you bunch of idiotic fucktards!

Can I just kill everyone in North Carolina? #angry #gaymarriage

Fuck the bigoted motherfuckers voting for Amendment 1. I hope you all get your dicks locked between two Legos.

Oh yeah and North Carolina can go suck my cock. Even if they would hate that. ESPECIALLY if they would hate that.

why is everyone surprised that amendment 1 passed? these hicks must have prayed to jesus and asked him to pass the bill.

Oh, fuck you, assholes in NC who voted for Amendment 1.

Are we really that shocked by North Carolina? Pretty sure they only abolished slavery in 2008. #bigots

Fucking North Carolina.. backwards ass redneck hicks live here.. I would kill to get the fuck outta this shit hole place!

It goes on and on and on and on. This is how liberals typically talk: not the exception, but the rule. They are all too often vicious, intolerant and vulgar. If you want our country to be run by people like this, then you should vote for all the Democrats on the ballot, from Barack Obama on down. If you think that decency is a better alternative, then you should vote for the leftists’ opponents.


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