Did Obama Blunder By Attacking the Catholic Church?

I continue to be puzzled by the Obama administration’s attack on the Catholic Church via the HHS Obamacare contraception mandate. From a rational perspective, it was completely needless. I can’t see a motive for it, other than a bullying desire to show Catholics, and other people of faith, who is the boss. But Obama cast that die, and it may come back to haunt him. There are a lot of Catholic voters in swing states, and while many of them do not vote the tenets of their faith, many others do.

This video was produced by a group–apparently a small group, judging by their web site–called Catholics Called to Witness and was sent to me by a Catholic friend. It packs a punch. I am not a Catholic and, while I am generally conservative on the social issues, they are not my main interest or focus. But it is easy to see what a powerful appeal this video, which has already been viewed more than 1.2 million times on YouTube, makes. And there is much more where this came from: