Fire Two on Mannstein

Moviegoers will recall that in the Hollywood rendering of the heroic account of Watergate, “All the President’s Men,” the Ben Bradlee character, played by Jason Robards, yelled out across the newsroom a hybrid name for the two miscreants reporters, Woodward and Bernstein: he called them “Woodstein.”

I think the dynamic duo of Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein deserve a similar hybridization, since they’re practically joined at the hip anyway.  I’m going to call them “Mannstein.”  I’ve already fired one salvo their way here a few days ago.  And now up at the Daily Caller, a further meditation, “Barry Goldwater Vindicated.”  In short, it’s strange how the supposed turn to extremism has made the Republican Party susceptible of a different adjective: Majority.  Excerpt:

The liberal critics of Republicans want the GOP to behave itself and go back to the good old days best described by Eugene McCarthy’s quip that the chief purpose of moderate Republicans is to shoot the wounded after the battle is over. No thanks.


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