It’s Not Just Solyndra

This new Romney ad is absolutely sensational. Titled “Not Even Half,” it reviews the Obama administration’s failed “green energy” giveaways. It is beautifully produced, but what I like about it is that it highlights not just the waste but the cronyism of the Obama administration. That is the real key to the “green energy” issue. Cronyism hurts legitimate businesses and damages our economy even–maybe especially–when the companies that benefit from government favoritism don’t go broke. Here it is:

And, as a bonus, here is an equally terrific ad from American Crossroads, called “Public Equity.” The ad begins with Obama’s attack on private equity, and then reviews his dismal record as a public equity investor, covering some of the same ground as the Romney campaign’s ad, but also talking about the auto bailouts and other Obama administration fiascos:


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