Paul Ehrlich Was Unavailable for Comment

Remember how Paul Ehrlich way back when said food production would never catch up with population growth, that India was doomed, etc, etc?  (Lester Brown still says this every other week.) Check out this news story:

Indian wheat rots in the open after bumper harvest

NEW DELHI (AP) — In fields along a northern Indian highway, mountains of grain have turned black with mildew after getting soaked in the rain.

The millions of tons of wheat rotting because India ran out of warehouse space to hold another bumper crop illustrate a core problem of the nation’s food crisis: India can grow plenty of food but cannot store or transport it well enough to nourish its 1.2 billion people.

Warehouses are overflowing and huge quantities of wheat and rice are stored in fields under tarpaulins and thin plastic sheets, risking decay.

Food Minister K.V. Thomas said Thursday that the government was taking “all necessary steps” to increase its storage capacities.