Peace, They Say: C-SPAN edition

We hosted Jay Nordlinger when he came to town to talk about his new book, Peace, They Say, a history of the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a brilliant, thought-provoking, enraging, inspirational, fascinating, moving book. Jay’s presentation on the book at the Center of the American Experiment lunch that we cosponsored was a great hit.

Jay was interviewed last month on C-SPAN’s After Words by the Wall Street Journal’s Matt Murray. C-SPAN has posted the video here. It is also posted in the form of a podcast here. Please check the interview out.

While Jay was staying with us I asked him to tell the vignette from the book in which he recounts the reaction of George W. Bush to the 2002 award of the prize to Jimmy Carter, an award the peace prize committee used to “kick Bush in the leg.” Coming across this little story as I was reading the book, I found it to provide a sidelong glance at the magnanimity of President Bush. In the cinéma vérité video below (less than a minute, with the volume increased from my first effort), Jay briefly relates the vignette.

First thing in the morning, Bush called Carter to congratulate him. As Jay relates, Bush told him: “This prize is …” Please check it out.


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