Walker Showing Strength in Wisconsin Primary

There is no real surprise in today’s primary election in Wisconsin. As expected, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett is winning the Democratic primary and will face Governor Scott Walker in the recall election. What is most interesting is the number of voters who turned out to pull the lever for Walker, even though he has no serious opponent in the Republican primary. One might have assumed that there would be vastly more ballots cast in the hotly-contested Democratic primary, but in fact, significantly more voters have turned out to support Walker than all of the Democrats combined.

Here are the results with 61% of precincts reporting:

Currently, Walker has 402,071 votes, compared to 362,849 for all of the Democratic candidates combined. That would seem to be a very good omen for the general election.

UPDATE: In the end, the Democrats added together eked out a few more votes than Walker, but the point stands: it was an impressive showing by the governor and his Republican supporters.