Almost live from Jerusalem with Caroline Glick

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick agreed to sit down with me on Thursday afternoon at the Tomorrow 2012 edition of the Presidential Conference in Jerusalem. Caroline’s two most recent Post columns are “The Muslim Brotherhood’s useful idiots” and “Dreamy foreign policies.”

When I caught up with her Caroline had just spoken on a panel addressing issues related to Israel’s future borders. Caroline wanted to talk about her satirical Hebrew-language Web site Latma (English-language here).

In the video, Caroline talks about Latma’s most recent video (below), “Tell On Me: The Ballad of US Foreign Agents.” It targets an issue of current interest to an American audience. Please check it out.

Latma is funded through contributions to the Center for Security Policy in Washington. If you are in the United States and would like to support our efforts, you can contribute by clicking here. It takes you to the online contribution page for the Center for Security Policy through Network for Good. To earmark your donation to Latma, please write “Latma” in the box marked “designation.”


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