Another Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week for the Left

It’s still early Friday morning, and so there’s plenty of time for more things to go wrong for the Left before sundown today, but it’s already been another horrible, no good, very bad week for the Left.

First, there’s obviously the Wisconsin result.  If the “Progressive agenda” hits the wall in Wisconsin (and let’s keep in mind the local results on public employee pensions in San Diego and San Jose, too), then times are truly bad for the Left.  As Charles the Great puts it in his WaPo column this morning, “The unions’ defeat marks a historical inflection point. They set out to make an example of Walker. He succeeded in making an example of them as a classic case of reactionary liberalism.”

Second, there’s the CBS/NY Times poll finding that two-thirds of Americans want the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare.  This has to terrify the White House, not so much because of the possible loss in Court itself, but because if it happens the vocal Left will not be able to help itself.  The same folks who shriek that Citizens United is the modern day equivalent of Dred Scott (seriously—many unhinged lefties say this) will go absolutely bonkers if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare.  While the White House will react carefully given these poll numbers, they’ll struggle to put distance between themselves and the “Impeach John Roberts” signs that will appear at rallies and at the Democratic National Convention this summer.  (Speaking of which, it will be interesting to hear leaks of how the Obama campaign censors attacks on the Court from speakers at the Convention.)  The prospect of Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz ranting about this on MSNBC is already giving me a smile.

Third, there’s the news out this morning that the Romney campaign raised more money than the Obama campaign in the month of May.  How could Romney possibly do this?  He didn’t have George Clooney!  You can’t possibly outraise The One without George Clooney.

Then there’s NBC’s flagship news program Meet the Press, which just notched its lowest ratings in 20 years.  It truly is “Meet the Depressed” as Rush likes to say.  Or take the blowback, now extending to the Senate’s Democratic Queen Mum, Dianne Feinstein, against the calculated leaks of national security secrets from the White House designed to puff up Obama’s tough guy street cred.

And if all of this isn’t cheery enough, the Guardian reports that the big UN Earth Summit in Rio—the one Obama isn’t going to attend—is at serious risk of collapse.  (More on this over the weekend as we review the contenders for this week’s Power Line Green Weenie Award.)

It’s almost looking like a Mayan calendar week for the Left.

Finally, is this either the worst, or—given the location—the most appropriate political body art ever?

Click to embiggen . . . if you're a proctologist maybe.

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