Beefcake Watch: Alexander Hamilton, Hunk?

Well, since we cover the fairer sex here (by the way, John, where is your review of the recently concluded Miss USA pageant?), equity demands that we cover the beefcake beat, too.  And appearing right now on Bloomberg/Business Week is an article making the case that Alexander Hamilton was more than just a canny banker and political thinker.  He was a chick magnet, too.  There’s even a FaceBook group called “Alexander Hamilton Was the Foxiest of the Federalists.”

Others have names such as: “I love Alexander Hamilton,” “Alexander Hamilton … The Hotness Never Dies,” “Are you Treasurer Sexy?” and “Alexander Hamilton: Too Hot For Your Wallet.”

“He was sort of the bad-boy alternative to the Washingtons and Jeffersons in history class,” says Julia Cooperman, 22, a recent graduate of University of Southern California and a “Foxiest of the Federalists” Facebook group member. Cooperman says her Hamilton infatuation began in eighth grade. While other girls fawned over Zac Efron or the Jonas Brothers, she founded an after-school club called the Hamiltonians, where she and her friends discussed 18th century American history—and gushed over how cute Alexander Hamilton was. “We had a Mister Hamiltonian Pageant, where we made the four guys in the club compete to see who most embodied the Hamiltonian ideal,” she says. In other words, who looked the best in a wig.

Note to self: I think I see a new way of teaching Hamilton in the classroom.  By the way, maybe when a young Jeane Kirkpatrick turned down a date because she wanted to stay home to read the Federalist Papers (a detail included in the new Peter Collier biography), she was actually indulging a crush and reading esoteric, highbrow romance literature?  Who knew. . .


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