Brothers’ Day

Mark Steyn cruelly recalls the wisdom of Obama administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper regarding events as they were unfolding in Egypt last year. Mark writes: “[D]on’t worry, on the day Mubarak stepped down, America’s Director of National Intelligence, who presides over the most lavishly funded intelligence bureaucracy on the planet, was telling the world that the Muslim Brotherhood is ‘largely secular.’ So that’s okay.” Mark links to the video (below) of his appearance on Fox News discussing Clapper’s wit and wisdom at the time.

Mark also makes the point that “experts” can get a lot of things wrong, but rarely on the scale of the western media in February 2011, at the time of Mubarak’s resignation. Barry Rubin elaborates on this point at length in an excellent column, to which Mark Steyn supplies a coda: “We can’t do anything about the disposition of the Egyptian electorate, but we could at least stop deluding ourselves.”

And this just in: Our friends at the Times of Israel report: “Egyptian President-elect Morsi looks to strengthen ties with Iran, re-examine pact with Israel.”


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