Celebrate (Or Mourn) the Court’s Obamacare Decision at Power Line Live UPDATE: No decision; tune in on Thursday!

Whatever the Supreme Court does today with Obamacare–my guess is they will put it out of its misery–there will be lots to discuss. Whether your mood is mourning or exultation, Power Line Live will be open for you to discuss the Court’s opinions with fellow conservatives. Just click the “Live” button on the masthead, immediately to the right of “Home.” I will spend some time at PL Live once I have had an opportunity to read the Court’s opinions to answer questions, to the extent I can, and offer opinions. PL Live: it’s the chat room–we prefer to think of it as a bar–that never closes. With the Court’s decision today, there should be a lot of action.

UPDATE: The Obamacare decision didn’t come down today; it is now slated for 10 a.m. Eastern time on Thursday. I have no idea whether the delay has any significance or not; probably not.

The Court did hand down its decision on Arizona’s immigration law today. It struck down the bulk of the statute on the ground that it is preempted by federal immigration law. There are a number of people at PL Live talking about the decision if you would like to join them. You can read the Court’s Arizona decision here.


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