Fight! Fight!

You want some good ol’ smack-down, Firing Line-style Left-Right fisticuffs?  Then mark your calendar for next Monday, June 11, at 6 pm eastern time (it’s been moved back from the previously announced 5:30), when I’ll be squaring off against Norm (“It’s the Republicans’ fault!“) Ornstein in a formal, Oxford-style debate at my office at AEI.  We’ve already got an overflow crowd signed up, but even if you’re not in Washington, you’ll be able to watch the event streamed live at the link above.  I’ve got some heavy salvos already loaded in the cannon, but I don’t want to tip my hand here ahead of time, since Norm’s oppo researchers are no doubt trolling the Power Line archive and other sources for hints.

Meanwhile, should I use my height advantage?

We won't be smiling come Monday. And hopefully Norm won't be wearing that dreadful jacket!


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