Free Enterprise Is A Moral Imperative

That is the theme of the American Enterprise Institute’s $50,000 video contest:

AEI is proud to announce a $50,000 video contest. We’re calling on everyone who loves America’s system of free enterprise to submit a short video (under two minutes) that sets forth its worth — not on the basis of political ideology or economic efficiency, but on the basis of simple moral truths, namely:

Free enterprise promotes earned success, which is the substance of lasting happiness.

Free enterprise promotes real fairness, based on merit and hard work.
Free enterprise does the most good for the most vulnerable by supplying both ample charity and unmatched opportunity.

When we sponsored the Power Line Prize contest last summer, one of our objectives was to demonstrate that the concept could work: that awarding a substantial cash prize can incentivize creative output of a quality and quantity sufficient to help focus attention on a vital public policy issue. I believe the success of the Power Line Prize competition was one of the factors that inspired AEI to sponsor their contest.

So, if you are a creative type, the AEI contest is an opportunity to put your talents to work on behalf of free enterprise.


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