From full-blooded Netroots Nation

William Jacobson is the proprietor of the excellent Legal Insurrection. He writes concerning some videos he thought we might be interested in:

One of my co-bloggers, Anne Sorock, attended Netroots Nation in Providence this week. She asked a question at a panel about whether the progressive Indian movement would demand an apology from Elizabeth Warren for claiming she is Cherokee when she is not (video here).

Anne then was followed, had her photo taken, and the photo and her personal background information then were posted on Daily Kos, with instructions for people to try to block her if they saw her at Netroots (video here).

When Anne was spotted at Warren’s appearance at Netroots, they put two security guards on her to keep her away from Warren (all she ever had done prior to that was ask a question about Warren’s Cherokee deception), and one of the security guards is on the video blocking her (video here). In the second video Anne spotted Warren at a hotel but was blocked by a staffer who waved her clipboard to try to prevent Anne from filming.

I think it’s significant the extent to which the extreme left in the form of Daily Kos is covering for Warren and attacking someone who raised the Cherokee issue, and that the people at the conference put security guards on her.


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