Mocking the Obama Campaign: A Game Anyone Can Play!

As the Obama campaign continues to sputter, mockery is starting to come from unexpected directions. Like the Chicago comedy troupe Second City. You may have seen some of the Obama campaign videos starring Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter. Here is one, in which she attacks Mitt Romney for being an international businessman. Don’t feel obliged to watch it to the end; it’s like fingernails on a chalk board:

And here is Second City’s parody of the Stephanie Cutter videos, which ridicules the Obama camp’s increasingly desperate pleas for money. As Steve noted yesterday, the Obama campaign has gone so far as to urge young liberals who are getting married between now and November to register for Obama campaign donations rather than gifts. It’s getting harder all the time to tell what is parody and what isn’t; but Second City’s effort is definitely in the parody column. Enjoy!


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