Obama demonstrates why there must never be a path to citizenship for illegal aliens

Hoping to improve his chances for reelection, President Obama recently has pandered to Hispanic voters in the following ways: First, in violation of his constitutional duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” Obama has announced that the U.S. government will refuse to enforce the immigration laws as they apply to an entire, massive class of illegal aliens (those who were brought here as children by their parents).

Second, Obama has made it clear that the U.S. government will not cooperate with the State of Arizona in the deportation of an even larger class that includes nearly all illegal aliens. When Arizona apprehends illegal aliens through entirely legal means, blessed by the Supreme Court, the U.S. government will not permit the State to arrest them; nor will the U.S. government take custody of these illegal aliens except perhaps in exceptional cases. Thus, in all likelihood, they will neither be deported nor face other meaningful adverse consequences. Obama is essentially nullifying federal immigration law in Arizona.

Third, Obama and his Attorney General have established a hotline to facilitate the harassment of state and local law enforcement officials in Alabama and Arizona who attempt to enforce the immigration laws. Thus under this regime, those who indisputably are in violation of the law – illegal immigrants brought here by their parents and virtually all illegal immigrants in Arizona – are in the clear, while law enforcement personnel go straight to the dock when illegal aliens complain about them.

This is community organizing on steroids.

The main damage here does not reside in the reduction in deportations. I’ve never believed that, as a practical matter, we can deport our way out the illegal immigration problem. And I take no pleasure in the deportation of most illegal aliens, especially those who were raised in the U.S. after being brought her as kids.

The overriding damage is to our system of government and to respect for the law. In the topsy-turvy world created by Obama’s pandering, the president abdicates his responsibility to enforce the law, leaving states holding the bag. And when states that try to fill the breach, Obama not only punishes them as entities – by ending all meaningful federal cooperation – but also encourages attacks on state law enforcement personnel as individuals.

All of this because Obama needs the votes of Hispanics.

Now imagine that Congress heeds Obama’s call to create a path to citizenship for millions of more Hispanics. Eventually, this would mean millions of more Hispanic voters. And these new voters, as a group, would be at a lower point on the economic scale than the voters to whom Obama is now pandering.

What additional benefits and exemptions from obligations would future Obamas confer on Hispanics if they become an even larger portion of the electorate? What new lawless decrees would future demagogues in the Obama tradition issue to satisfy this politically powerful underclass?

The answers should be sufficiently frightening to cause Republicans (and Democrats with a decent regard for our traditions and our system of government) to vow never to grant illegal aliens a path to citizenship.

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