Rethinking Gay Marriage

Anyone who is active in the political world knows that the most obnoxious, profane, hateful partisans, the ones most likely to engage in harassment, are the left-wing gay activists. So I was not at all surprised to see the latest misbehavior from that source: gay activists invited to the White House for a “gay pride” event by President Obama photographed each other making obscene gestures toward Ronald Reagan’s portrait. Proud of themselves, they posted their trophy photos on Facebook. “Yeah, f– Reagan,” one of the gay activists added, helpfully.

Here is one of the photos:

Here is another:

The White House apparently has no comment. No surprise there; President Obama cares about nothing but stirring up his base for the election, and he counts on his friends in the press to suppress this kind of unfavorable story.

Coincidentally, this story also hit the news wires today: Mary Cheney married her long-time partner Heather Poe:

Jimmy LaSalvia of the conservative GOProud organization celebrated the news on Friday, telling TheDC, “Mary and Heather have had a tremendous impact on the way America views gay people.”

“Simply by living their lives openly, honestly, and as authentic conservatives, they have done more to change hearts and minds in this country than any gay advocacy group,” he said. “This is one more way that they are demonstrating that gay Americans are just like everyone else. Good for them.”

Mary Cheney doesn’t know me from Adam, but in 2000, during Dick Cheney’s first vice-presidential campaign, I encountered her on the campaign trail and was deeply impressed by the devotion to her father that she showed. I wrote about it here.

So I’ve been reconsidering my stance on gay marriage, and I’m thinking maybe a more nuanced position is appropriate: like, I’m in favor of gay marriage, but only for conservatives. At the moment, anyway, it strikes me as a principled distinction.

UPDATE: My friend Dan Blatt has thoughts on these news stories here. He also notes that the White House has now tried to distance itself from its guests’ churlish behavior.