Return of the Gipper?

This is Mitt Romney’s new campaign video, titled “A Better Day.” What (and whom?) does it remind you of?

Can Romney pull it off? Can he be the Ronald Reagan of the 21st Century, taking the helm of the ship of state and steering it away from the rocks, just in time? I actually think he can be. Of course, it may be that Romney looks to me a lot like Reagan largely because Barack Obama looks so much like Jimmy Carter. But is there any doubt that the Romney campaign knows how to hit the right notes?

Just for fun, here is another one. It is on Solyndra and features footage from Romney’s press conference there yesterday, showing once again how fast and sure-footed his campaign is:

Michael Barone wrote yesterday that the Obama campaign “may be fooling itself.” Among other things, Michael said:

A second assumption is that the Obama managers “see Romney as a walking, talking bull’s-eye” and have “contempt for his skills as a political performer.”

We certainly haven’t seen anything from the Romney campaign so far that merits contempt; on the contrary. Does anyone else hear an echo of 1980, when the Democrats eagerly looked forward to running against Ronald Reagan, the out-of-it former actor with fringe ideas who had never been to Washington? Call me an optimist, but I think David Axelrod and his gang are as wrong today as Jimmy Carter’s advisers were in 1980.


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